Diary of a survivor…The Gladiatores Kriegerlager 2014

Diary of a survivor “The Gladiatores Kriegerlager 2014″

Thanks to serendipity, we got hold of a very rare document – the “Diary of a Survivor of Gladiatores Kriegerlager 2014″.


Now, we want to make this special document of a contemporary witness accessible to you…

The diary of Daniel E.:


Tuesday Night, or rather Wednesday Morning

Tannenburg, half past one a.m. The little owl is calling. Inflatable mattresses are rolled out. Sometimes, the silence is broken by a “Shuddup, dammit!” The little owl is calling again and with a rustling everyone is disappearing in the sleeping bags.

“Good night, Daniel.”

“Good night, Julia.”


The stars are sparkling through the window…then, something strucks my mind: “Julia? Did you set up an alarm?”

My question trails off in the realms of the Earplugians…I guess they have good guards!

I turn around and fall asleep.


The next morning: Julia is not here, and where her voice came from the very night, there’s nobody lying. Strange. Shortly, I think of taking my sword to the investigation of this fact, but I keep it where it is. I guess, a kidnapping incident on the first day would be too nice.


Actually, I find Julia together with the castle ghost Jürgen – having been moved to his tent in the meantime – at the breakfast table. Coffee.


Tannenburg Time 2039, Day 1, Wednesday

The group consists of two beginner and six advanced learners, harmonising perfectly.DSC_0400_HDR

Especially if it is up to wishing Sven to hell, because he makes us practise shadow boxing far toooo long – 5 minutes – no break….


But from the beginning…

One does always return to the scene of his crime, they say. I was assigned to do the warming up.

(Editor’s note: We do remember the warming up with Daniel “The Tulip, Destroyer of Worlds” E. quite well: “Crawl my little iguanas, craaaaaaaawl!”, here shown during the light warming up on the Gladiatores Symposium 2013).




While getting the message, Julia wasn’t quite looking happy at all. I’m perplex, because I’m always having fun in aggrie….warming others up!

With Sven, we started with the sword; free strikes and Meyer afterwards.


In the afternoon, we got a new, only virtually existent, participant: a dwarf called Jab-Cross Hammerfist! We welcomed him and praised his name. His favourite drink – the Double-Ditch – was class’s favourite!





In the meantime, we are looking for the whirlpool tub, which couldn’t be found in the advertisement. Anette has probably forgotten to mention it.

Tomorrow, it’ll continue. More sword, more wrestling, more ouch!

Tannenburg Time 1832, Day 2

Of crooked-hews, changings, snap overs, knife fights and mud wrestling – with PUDDING!

Like yesterday, I lead a light warming up to prepare us for Sven’s program. He thought that we weren’t sweating enough and hired 50.000 orcs especially for us, so we could finish them off with a Meyer-Blowcross-sequence. How courteous!

My body’s ability to regenerate was astonishing: I was STILL able to move my sword while practising techniques. Here, we had blows to the face in excessive snap-over-orgies after Mayer. Our masks were glowing!





It’s simply fun dealing a cross-blow – and getting one. The joy of helping your sparring partner executing an aesthetic sequence with a nice first phase can never be underestimated. We then had stabs to the face with extended attacks by changing and snapping over, then the knive turned up. And it turned up like hell…with an enormous Ouch! Italian knife techniques love cuts towards the arm, we didn’t. At first. Then, eventually, we didn’t care about how often we were hit and we could smile pained again.





After some repetition in boxing and the last workout, some of us still didn’t have enough and had to do some wrestling on the rather moist meadow. Two duels, three rounds each.


Why did I do something…now I have to think of some lessons on wrestling tomorrow. Damn.

Tannenburg Time 2242, Day 3

Go to Gladiatores Warrrior Camp, they said. You will fence till you drop, they said. You will suffer pain and will outgrow yourself, they said. You will have fun, they said. And they were right!

Today, we went beyond 8 hours, and with some ground wrestling at the end we were able to squeeze the last spark of energy out of our bodies.


Everything started at 10 a.m. with a relaxed warming up (yeah, it’s okay, Jürgen…), followed by five hours with the long sword, in which we repeated the contents of last days’ lessons. Then, we built everything together to make up a game of decision with protective garment. The first phase was good ol’ “Zornhau”; then, the partner could react peasantly panicked or ructiously reasonable, while the opponent hat to decide between different manoevers. Added to this, you had always the choice between strange Meyer-combinations or stabs in the face.





To prevent us from starting with the knife lessons in a too relaxed way, we had the Meyer-Blowcross once again.

Knife fight was direct and down-and-dirty, as usually. Two levers more for today and all had “relaxed” (heavy coughing and harrumphing) “fun” to be stabbed between the ribs regularly.





While boxing, we had a visit from our favourite dwarf – and he brought his brother Lowkick Thighbraker with him!

For loosing up: some kicks to the down, a swinging blow to the forehead…

For those who hadn’t had enough, there was wrestling. Here, especially the beginners stood out of the crowd: with an unlimited zest for action and verve they smothered their partner with their own body and strangulated him with their body weight!


Three grabbing positions, the instruction of how to use levers and two tiny basic principles were sufficiant to make us roll over the ground for about half an hour.


In fact, we did it like it is respectable: with friendship and without remorse or mercy.


The starry sky is fabulous, the warriors tired…but have a hunger for more!


The longer the event, the more we want to know, the more everything hurts, but the more we endure and the more we laugh, even after more than 8 hours!


There’ll be more tomorrow! HUAH!



Episode V: The Beginners strike back!

Tannenburg Time 2034, Day 4:

Darth Werner and Lord Marius mobilised all their powers and showed the Jedi, which powers are hidden in the dark side of fencing,

Darth Werner untiringly challenged the rebels to a free fight, let the rage flow through his body and occupied the centre with this power. This was so vehemently done, that there was hardly any passage for the warriors of the light.





Master Meyer turned over in his grave, seeing the Jedi ruthlessly being stabbed. But the evening crowns the day and we were able to reconquer the centre, spearheaded by Padawan Jürgen and Padawan Sebastian.


Lord Marius executed the old and very dark art of lulling his opponents and repeatedly told us that he has basically not the slightest idea, especially not in wrestling. In the wrestling rounds he than waited patiently for the Jedi to maul themselves in the mud before letting himself being talked into joining in.





His ringing techniques were nerved with hidden pieces: “That’s also not allowed? Man, you hav to tell me!” – and he overthrew the first of us with a choke.



I faced him for a second duel and spend some time with my face in the dirt, accompanied by frenetic cheers from my renegade order.


Finally, he had to surrender my chokings, but it was a tough job!




Thanks to all for today’s great, since fair, free fights with and without weapons. Every fight had it’s proper tempo and although the going got tough, every one of us could exercise some techniques of the last days.

I’m waiting for the video analysis to come and then we’ll go to sleep probably faster than usual – by now, we’re pretty out of order.



The records found up to now end here…

Reputedly, there is supposed to be a legendary last chapter…

We will not yield in out search until we know how the story of the Kriegerlager and Daniel E. will continue…

Text – Daniel Eckert – Gladiatores/Klingenkunst Hohentwiel

Pictures/Layout – Sven and Anette Baumgarten – Gladiatores

Translation and adaption – Dorothée Just – Gladiatores

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